Care guide

Your LUCIE CAST bag is made from natural vegetable tanned leather. Vegetable tanning means the leather has been tanned using natural plant extracts. This allows the leather to age beautifully, developing a patina unique to each owner. We encourage you to celebrate the natural marks in the leather which add character to your bag.

Leather Care

Each bag comes with a care kit – We recommend using the leather balsam from time to time to keep your bag at its best. If your bag gets wet, loosely fill it with tissue paper and leave it to dry naturally away from any artificial heat.

Please be aware that due to the natural tanning and dying process there may be some colour transfer onto light coloured clothing for the first few wears. Equally dark clothing, such as denim may also rub off on the light leathers.

Store your bag in the dust bag provided to avoid any colour change due to light exposure.

Hardware Care

The hardware on the bags is made from solid brass, hand cast in England. It has a natural un-coated finish which means it may darken and dull when not it use. This is nothing to worry about, it will polish up beautifully with the brass polishing cloth provided.